Bingo Card Maker


This site makes the UK style of bingo cards. Each bingo card is made up of 27 sqaures, a grid of 9 squares across by 3 squares down, and obeys the following rules
The card contains 15 numbers from 1 to 90
Each row contains 5 numbers
Each column contains 1, 2 or 3 numbers
The first column contains numbers 1 to 9, the second 10 to 19, the third 20 to 29 etc upto the ninth contains 80 to 90
Each set of 6 bingo cards contain all the numbers from 1 to 90

Getting Started in Creating Bingo Cards

There are a number of options when creating bingo cards, which are explained in more detail below
The default settings will allow you to quickly generate some bingo cards by simply pressing the 'Generate Bingo Cards' button
Once pressed, you will see 6 bingo cards appear underneath the options. These defaults should allow most printers to print 6 bingo cards per page at A4 size.

To create bingo cards to you specification, you can then experiment with the various options, pressing 'Generate Bingo Cards' after each change to see the effect.
You should also use the print preview option in your browser to check how they will print. This will depend on your paper size and orientation.
You should preview with at least enough bingo cards to cover 2 pages, to ensure that the card is not split over a page. Do not preview with too many cards as this will increase the time it takes to generate and preview.

Once you are happy with your bingo cards, enter the real quantity that you want to print. Press 'Generate Bingo Cards', then use your browser's print option to print.



The name of the font that you want to use for the bingo cards.
You must type this in manually. If the browser can't find the font, your default font will be used instead
Examples include Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, Impact, but can be any font that is installed on your computer


A text message to appear at the top of each bingo card
This is optional, if not specified no caption will be used

Caption Size

If a caption is used, the size of the font to use

Border Size

The size of the border around the bingo card

Square Size

The size of the inside area of the number squares on the bingo card
Changing this will automatically adjust the font size to 70% of this value, but you can manully overwrite the font size value later if you want

Square Font Size

The size of the font used for the numbers in the squares
Note, if this is near to or larger than the the square size, this will force the square size to adjust to compensate
For example the first column which only has single digits will become smaller than the rest.

Square Border Size

The size of the border around each square

Background Image

The location of the image to use as a background for the bingo cards.
You can use the browse button to locate an image file on your PC, or you can use the url of an image from the web somewhere, for example

Copy for Non IE browsers

For security reasons on some browsers, such as Firefox, the full location of the file returned from a browse button is not accessible to browser software.
While it is visible to the user, any software such as this bingo card maker can only see a bit of the filename. This is to prevent attacks on the user's file system
For this reason, you must enter the location of the file into this copy text box
You can do this either by typing the file name manually, or by copying it after browsing to it

To do the latter, press the browse button and locate the image file
Click the box with the file name. It the browse box appears press cancel to close it
Press the control button + a to highlight all the text.
Presss the control button + c to copy the text
Click in the 'Copy for Non IE browsers' tex box
Press the control button + a to highlight any existing text in that box
Press the control button + v to paste the copied text into the box
Now both text boxes should contain the same text.

Background Position

The position on the bingo card to place the image. If the image is repeated, this is the position to place the first image before repeating.

Background Repeat

Whether or not to repeat the image. If not, the image will only be shown once in the position specified in the 'Background position'. If repeated, the image will be repeated to fill the bingo card.

Bingo Cards Horizontally/Page

The number of bingo cards to generate per line. See setting up printing for more info.

Bingo Cards Vertically/Page

The number of rows of bingo cards to generate per page. See setting up printing for more info.

Gap Between Bingo Cards

The gap between bingo cards both horizontally and vertically.

Total Number to Generate

The total number of bingo cards to generate. If you have 2 cards horizontally and 2 vertically, this will generate 4 cards per page
A total number of 12 will then create 3 pages

Colour For Numbers

The colour to use for the numbers on the bingo cards
This uses the red, green and blue format

Colour Bingo Cards

Check this option if you want to specify a colour for the bingo cards
Unchecking this option will leave the colours as transparent, so that if you have an image as the background, this will be shown.

Colour for Bingo Card

The colour to use for the background for the bingo cards
If you have not specified all colours have the same colour, this will be repeated for each of the 6 cards
This uses the red, green and blue format

All Bingo Cards Same Colour

Check this option if you want each bingo card (per block of 6) to be the same colour
If so, each card will be the colour given in Colour For Bingo Card 1
If not, extra colour options will appear where you can specify a different colour for each card

If you want to produce a set of bingo cards each with a different colour, you can do this by
Setting the the colour of the first card to the desired colour, and printing the qty you require.
Change the colour to the next desired colour, then printing the qty you require
Repeat for each colour.

Red, Green and Blue Colour Format

To specify a colour, you need to give the amount of red, green and blue in the colour in the 3 boxes. These values are in the range 0-255
Red - 255,0,0
Green - 0,255,0
Blue - 0,0,255
Black - 0,0,0
White - 255,255,255
Grey - 128,128,128
Yellow 255,255,0
Purple 255,0,255
Pastel Green - 187,247,205

Colours or Images not Printing

If you are using colours or a background image, you may find that these are not printed
If so, this is a browser setting that you need to enable
On Internet Explorder, go to Tools->Internet Options, then on the 'Advanced' tab scroll down to Printing, and make sure the 'Print background colours and images' option is ticked
On firefox, this is under File->Page Setup, then on the 'Format & Options' tab, make sure the 'Print Background (colours & images)' option is ticked.